#Seacruise History

Seacruise started off in the summer of 1996 as a way for people who liked to cruise to discuss it in a live open form. In 1996 there were few ways to do this and most at that time were either using 14.4 or 28.8 modems. There was no such thing as JAVA windows. There was a program called mIRC which would allow people to chat in real time. The original crew started using mIRC and met several times a week on what was called the Undernet (the Internet Relay Chat server) on a Channel called #seacruise.

IRC uses nicknames to identify people on Channel.

In November 1996 LDO (Pete) applied with 9 others to formally register the channel on the Undernet and make it official. Some of those 10 included ItsMargie, Tucker, BigNeil, Cupcake, LarryCa, ITravel, Brighty and Sooz. On November 26 1996 #Seacruise was granted official Channel status on the Undernet. Seacruise became the first on the Internet to discuss cruising.

Seacruise remained on the Undernet till December 2000 when the Undernet went through Denial of Service attacks. Seacruise moved over to Galaxynet at this time and Channel status was granted on February 24 2001.

Seacruise has had 3 channel Managers over the years with the first and founding Manager being LDO (Pete). Bigneil (Neil) then succeeded LDO for a few years. Calmsea (Phil) took over and is currently the Channel Manager and the webmaster of the Seacruise webpage.

Seacruise has done several firsts over the years such as posting the first cruise reviews complete with photos on the internet. Posting a Schedule for Panama Canal transits for cruise ships.

Seacruise has had various group cruise's including the first as part of GGC2000. There were several that attended a small group cruise in December 2000 on the Sea Princess called the Sooz (no relation to the original Sooz) Cruise. There was the Seacruise Group Cruise in December 2001 to the Mexican Riviera on the Vision of the Seas and again in October 2005 on the Radiance o the Seas transiting the Panama canal.

Over the years Seacruise has had several meetings that have included one on one meetings and BBQ's. It is safe to say that Seacruise has become a Family over the years and remains that way today.

In the last year things have changed with the advent of Forums and Blogs as a way for people to exchange information. Chat requires one to be there at a given time to take part. Forums and Blogs do not. Interest has died off in over the last two year's and something had to be done. It was decided that retain the Panama Canal schedule and reviews and a few other things and change our focus. The Seacruise forums form part of the Panama Canal and will hopefully gain strength over time and become what Seacruise once was, a place for cruise related information. There are new people on board with the likes of Phyllis who will be more than happy to help guide you along your way.

The Chat Channel itself on Galaxynet still remains in place, but few attend.

I would like to thank all those that have sent reviews and photos and other material over the years. I would really like to Thank Pete the original Channel manger of Seacruise.

Phil - Seacruise Webmaster
January 2018