The Transit Route
Updated January 14 2021
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Seacruise has been posting the Panama Canal Schedule for close to 20 years. Tomorrow December 31 2020 Adobe Flash ends support and the different browsers are also ending their support. The Panama Canal and some of their High Definition Cams use Flash to update.
I have now made the links "refresh" on their own in the table below.
Many of the ships cams are also not updating due to no IT people onboard the ships.
If one notices any change to the cams feel free to contact me through the Contact Us page.

Panama Canal Aerial
The above photo gives you an idea of the Cocoli Locks on the left and Miraflores upper right. That is Centennial Bridge at the top

Live AIS above of the Panama Canal

The Panama Canal really transits north and south. We use E/B and W/B because the majority of cruise ships cruise either from the east coast to the west coast or west coast to the east coast. The first set of locks on the Pacific Ocean side is Miraflores Locks and the Atlantic side or Caribbean Sea side as some like to refer is Gatun Locks. There is also Gatun Locks/Lake cruises which start and end their transit from the Atlantic side of the Panama Canal or Gatun Locks.


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The Cam Links

Visit Kroooz Cam for a complete list of Ship and Ports Cams


The Transit Calendar

Removed for the time being as we have no idea when cruising might resume.

The Panama Canal Cams are used by Permission of the Panama Canal Authority